Saturday, March 26, 2011

first camping trip of the year~

sunrise this morning at masonboro island

one of the best things my parents ever did was take me camping.  
i'm hoping that one day my girls will look back on all of our camping trips and be
as appreciative as i am that we were able to just hop in the boat and go camping whenever
we feel like it!  the weather was perfect for me to take them and 4 of their friends over 
to the island last night.   after we set up the tents everyone took off to explore and be free, and i
got the campfire going.  it was SO peaceful and beautiful. a light wind, chill in the air and a sky
full of stars while we all sat around the fire was unforgettable.  

~oh to be this free all the time~
......this is love


  1. Love the photos. Really captures your emotion

  2. Camping is so much FUN!I wish every kid could experience it.Your children(and their friends) will always remember these days...Great blog,did you toast marshmellows over the fire?Stars,tent,boat,beach,fire...I felt like I was there as well :-)

  3. okay - now that looks like some serious fun!