Monday, March 28, 2011

~art saves me~

art has been a huge force in my life for many years.  growing up, i was blessed with a mom who loved doing art with me and always had a project of some sort going on.  my dad took me clamming and fishing, camping and exploring all over the spoil islands.  my love for art and nature was set in place long ago.  
over the years my artwork has evolved in many ways, but has always been a sort of therapy for me.  i can get so lost in much happens and comes out when i'm journaling or painting, although i never really have a plan.  

i will be hosting another art journaling / collage "play-shop" 
on saturday, may 14 at porter's neck yoga in wilmington, nc...
come play with us if you're in the area~

"sending love, hope and prayers to japan"

"take risks and magic will will find your way in the world
when you let go and listen to your heart"

this piece is on watercolor paper and made for my best friend.
i added a little window over the words to complete it.  
the person by the tree is my mom when she was young.
"look into the window of your soul, your wings will take you
wherever you need to go"

wishing you all a beautiful week full of art and love~


  1. these photos/artwork are STUNNING.
    your art has really!
    wish i could go to your class. :(

  2. I envy your childhood. It sounds exactly like I would have liked mine to be. Beautiful artwork, as always.

  3. Beautiful work, that last one is my favorite.

  4. I love the piece you did of your mother. Really beautiful and everyone can relate to how they love their mothers and miss them. Thank you.