Monday, February 7, 2011

the art of raising daughters

today, i came across a piece of paper sitting by my printer that my 11 year old left there.  it was her language arts assignment.  i read it.  and i sat watching the rain outside.  and i thought about this beautiful little girl that i am honored to call my daughter.  she is an old soul.  she get's it.  i know how special and wonderful she is.  i see it in her every day.  i think about my mom and how much i miss her.  how so much of who she was is who lacie is.  she's blessed with compassion and patience.  love and forgiveness.  i hope and pray that she never loses sight of who she is.  of her dreams and her passion.  she is lovely and i am overwhelmed with admiration for her.  here's her poem......


wishes to live in the sea.
dreams of stopping war everywhere,
wants to help the homeless,

who wonders how animals feel.
who fears of roaches.
who is afraid of kidnappers.
who likes to hang out with friends.
who believes in God.

who loves to play sports.
who loves warm cookies with milk.
who loves friends and family.
who loves mexican food.

who plans to be a marine biologist.
who plans to live with little regrets.
who plans to live a happy life.

whose final destination is heaven.

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  1. Wow Kim, your beautiful daughter is filled with so much wisdom. You must be bursting with pride.:)