Saturday, January 15, 2011

~when magic happens~

thank you for sharing your magic with me s. girl~
today, you made my dream a little more real......
you gave me inspiration to truly make this happen....
not to just talk about it and dream about it.
you gave me little bits and pieces of italy that i will treasure.
you gave me a smile on my face when my husband came in with the 
package from you.
you made me believe in the kindness of people i don't really know, but want to know.
in magic.  in putting it out there and it happening.  
you gave me gratitude.  wonder.  imagining.  and the desire to follow my dream.
thank you from all of my heart.  your kindness is appreciated.  it will go a long way.

when my sweet mom was diagnosed with recurring ovarian cancer 3 years ago, the first thing she asked
the doctor was, "will i have time to go to tuscany".  sadly, he said no.  i sat in shock and pure sadness and disbelief as i watched her trying to stay brave and strong.  the heart wrenching battle that she fought the next few months was tragic.  but even more so, knowing she could never go to the place she dreamed of going.  she new every line to the movie "under the tuscan sun".  she had so many things she wanted to see there.   she died in may of 2008.  august 23rd.(her birthday) we spread her ashes by my aunt ginny's house in the creek.  i kept a small jar of her ashes knowing that i would carry her to italy one day.  
today, i received a package from a friend i met through and on-line class and her blog.  of course when i saw that she lived in italy, i commented that i had to go there one day and a quick line about my mom.  
this is where the magic starts.  she read my comment, asked me for my address and lovingly put a package together for me with some bits and pieces from italy.  a lovely card, beautiful soap in a hand made cloth bag with sea shells tied to it.  yummy candies that i am trying not to devour!!  a photo of the leaning tower for my inspiration board and a tea bag.  i am truly humbled by the generosity and thoughtfulness behind all of this.  
so.  my word for the year as some of you may have read is "purpose".  i know what that is.  i know where i need to go and what to do.  thank you s. for helping me stay inspired.  for keeping my little dream glowing inside.  you are awesome :)

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  1. What a wonderful but sad story. Some of my mom's ashes arrived yesterday and they await me to take her on new adventures. she loved apple orchards and gardens so I will have to think on this.