Tuesday, January 4, 2011

surprise party's and poetry....

i can hardly believe that i pulled off a surprise party for my 14 year old~
it worked like a charm and i got more joy from the planning and excitement than
i ever thought possible!  she thought her grandma and aunt and 2 cousins were coming for dinner~
but after a long day of cooking, decorating and calling her girlfriends it was much more than that.....

it was a wonderful night that filled our house with laughter and stories and the making of memories...
a night that i hope she will always remember~

you are capable of letting go....
of trying new things  
without me by your side
but i will never leave you
i will love you forever
through all of the storms 
and when the rainbow comes out
and stretches across heaven
you are part of me ~
you will always be in my heart and soul
even when you stretch your wings and fly
you are still part of me and always and forever my love
may 25, 2009

new journal pages.....
"a finder of serenity"


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