Tuesday, January 11, 2011

learning to fly....

day 2.  art class with misty.  i'm already feeling so inspired and like wow....there is so much to learn in this world of art.  if ever you have thought about taking an on-line class....she's amazing~ 
still life...."my tools"

tomorrow is yet another day that my kids will be out of school and i have to say that usually i'm so excited when schools out, but with this class and all the great assignments....not so glad!  i have so much work that i want to do~ and my girls art getting stir crazy!!

still working on faces.....
tomorrow i will keep practicing on drawing..... and i have to get some "real" work done too!  
soon, i will have a collection of my pieces at a sweet little spot down at carolina beach.  "artful living group" in the heart of the town is dedicated to bringing art and creativity to the area.  i will have my jewelry there as well as maybe a workshop on art journaling.  it's gonna be great place to visit and shop local for art and jewelry as well as some great workshops and art shows.........grand opening in march.  more info. to come~

"i have a tattoo on my heart"

it is my mom's last laugh
her contagious smile
her sweet spirit
her patience
her love for my girls
her art
her voice
her spontaneity
her old photos
her hair
her perfume
her toes
her life

brenda kay croom
  august 23, 1944- may 21, 2008


  1. Hi, I'm from Misty's class and I make jewelry too!

    Beautiful poem about your mom!


  2. beautiful poem..your drawings are great, kim. i'd love to see your metalwork - do you have an etsy shop?