Saturday, January 1, 2011

~in with the new~

~bring it on 2011~
yes, today has been an awesome start to the new year~  last year wasn't so bad, but i'm ready for new....for classes....and inspiration~  i will paint my own corner and love it.  i am ready to embrace what 2011 has to offer.

wow!  i have found some awesome blogs lately...(in my spare time).  this one i LOVE.....and especially the video "your corner"~ you might have to scroll down to find it, but trust me, it's worth it!  this was a great reminder for me and a challenge that i am ready to take on!  it goes right along with my word for the year..."purpose".   
i started off the new year making art and enjoying time with my teenage daughter who was making a card for a friend.  today was a joy in many ways~  

i have been finding and collecting the supplies for misty's class, and i gathered up some of my mom's old paintbrushes and put them in one of her favorite glass jars (it belonged to her grandma) to use for this special occasion.  (i'm sure she's in heaven smiling right now)~
counting down the days until january 10~  can't wait.  

another one of my new favorite blogs is sperlygirl.  i love the color here.  she is in one of my favorite places that i have never been to.  and i simply must go there.  it will happen because i made a promise to my mother to make it it will be. day~

and favorite....for when you have time~
for inspiration and poetry, i would take a visit to sweetest in the gale of my favorites is road trip.
as you can see, i have a lot of new favorites...too many to share at one time!  more to come though~

i have a surprise party to get ready for!!  i LOVE surprises~ my daughter turns 14 on monday....  she will have a really great surprise tomorrow with a handful of her best girlfriends....a delicious spaghetti dinner, breadsticks, fresh salad and some really yummy cupcakes!  YAY....
her sister is making her birthday card at the moment.

during the night

during the night i fell asleep by the sea
when i woke, i danced in the moonlight 
and realized that the ocean was full of tears.
glimmering in the sand was a heart shaped shell.
it was for me~with a message.
a very quiet message that all would be well with my soul.
the sun began to rise 
and i knelt to pray.

jan. 6, 2009

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  1. so excited to create with you, kim! i hope 2011 is full of possibility for you. warmly, s