Tuesday, January 25, 2011

going where my heart is.....

i have this little dream~  in my heart.  i hold it close to me and don't talk about it too much.  it is MY dream.  my promise.  my plan.  it is planted deep in me.  waiting to emerge like a seed buried deep beneath layers of snow.  waiting to sprout and blossom into the unknown.  i will go there.  i will take her with me.  until then i will dream.  i will keep it alive in my heart.  and in my artwork.  i will keep my intention strong and alive.  it will emerge when it is time. only i will know~ when it is time.

collage for misty's class~  "purpose"

going where my heart is
"i will spread your ashes like stardust~
your will see it like you always wanted to and drink in the tuscan sun 
and under the moon you will paint the murals and sing the songs
you were meant to~
you live on in every day in all the beautiful sites i see
you are and always were the beautiful one~"


  1. Nice job!!!! Is your focal image drawn or from a picture that you collage in?

  2. very nice, i love the colours, and the overall tone.

  3. Really beautiful! I am loving the collage part of Misty's class (a little less intimidating than painting).

  4. i support your dream.
    i support your art.
    i support your passion.

    i support YOU.!