Wednesday, January 26, 2011

flight lessons~

learning to fly and trusting the journey.  that is where i am today.

i found this old photo of my mom (adorable) when she was a little girl.  how sweet she was....even up until the day she died.  she was too young to go.  but she left me with so much goodness and love.  i adore her.  all of my collages have a piece of her somewhere.  the photo and a torn piece of her journal make this one special to me.  she loved of course i had to add one :)

"once upon a time you were mine.  the sweetest of them all.  the lessons you taught me are lived every day.  the love you shared is in me and for that i am grateful to you forever.  you are in my heart every minute of each day.  if the sun comes up-i think about you.  when the moon shines bright, i dream of you.  you are me and i am with you.  we always will be joined by love and compassion.  you are my guiding grace and my angel.  you save me from drowning in grief.  i am thankful for the memories and the love and the lessons and for mother.  my friend.
i adore you"

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  1. Such a beautiful, personal piece. I bet you looked exactly like your Mom when you were little.