Saturday, January 29, 2011

~craving spring~

i am craving sunny days and walks on the beach.  and long paddles in the marsh.  fresh vegetables from the garden.  sipping coffee on the porch.  adventures on the nature trails.  boat rides to the spoil islands.  camping on masonboro island.  warm days and chilly nights.  the smell of the spring air.  the buds that emerge and give new signs of hope.  road trips to the outer banks with the windows wide open and the music turned up.  the hint of sunshine on my face.  watching my girls rest in the sweet smelling grass.  getting my feet wet in the ocean. and walking barefoot in the sand.  opening all the windows.

AND i am craving this.....that i just signed up for.  both of these women inspire me.  i love that they love to share their knowledge and spirit with others.  won't you join me~


  1. thank you for the lovely words and for joining us in the class. Now I'm off to enjoy your blog. It has drawn me in. xo

  2. Oh I saw this too. Took a class from Judy at Art Fest and bought earrings from Stephanie. I just may have to sign up too. Have a creative wonderful week.