Monday, January 31, 2011


being~  sunday afternoon, jan. 30

yesterday.  beautiful.  adventure.

lucky me and my man and my best friend.....
we took a little boat ride over to one of the spoil islands behind masonboro and got a taste of the good life~
besides the beautiful landscape, bright blue sky, an osprey nest, soft grass to nap in and the sun beaming down, we found some of the best climbing trees ever~  this little gem is just what we all needed to get a taste of spring and remind us just how blessed we are....(just in case we forgot).  if i ever run away from home, this is where i will run to.  just for a little while~

right here.  there's no need to travel too far searching for a beautiful place, or for an adventure to nurture the soul.  we are surrounded by beauty and nature and awesome friends.

"earth teach me"
"earth teach me stillness
as the grasses are stilled with light.
earth teach me suffering
as old stones suffer with memory.
earth teach me caring
as a mother secures her young.
earth teach me courage,
as the tree which stands alone.
earth teach me limitation
as the ant which crawls on the ground.
earth teach me freedom
as the eagle which soars in the sky.
earth teach me resignation
as the leaves which die in the fall.
earth teach me regeneration
as the seed which rises in the spring.
earth teach me to forget myself
as melted snow forgets its life.
earth teach me to remember kindness
as the dry fields weep in the rain."

by rupert lang

Saturday, January 29, 2011

~craving spring~

i am craving sunny days and walks on the beach.  and long paddles in the marsh.  fresh vegetables from the garden.  sipping coffee on the porch.  adventures on the nature trails.  boat rides to the spoil islands.  camping on masonboro island.  warm days and chilly nights.  the smell of the spring air.  the buds that emerge and give new signs of hope.  road trips to the outer banks with the windows wide open and the music turned up.  the hint of sunshine on my face.  watching my girls rest in the sweet smelling grass.  getting my feet wet in the ocean. and walking barefoot in the sand.  opening all the windows.

AND i am craving this.....that i just signed up for.  both of these women inspire me.  i love that they love to share their knowledge and spirit with others.  won't you join me~

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

flight lessons~

learning to fly and trusting the journey.  that is where i am today.

i found this old photo of my mom (adorable) when she was a little girl.  how sweet she was....even up until the day she died.  she was too young to go.  but she left me with so much goodness and love.  i adore her.  all of my collages have a piece of her somewhere.  the photo and a torn piece of her journal make this one special to me.  she loved of course i had to add one :)

"once upon a time you were mine.  the sweetest of them all.  the lessons you taught me are lived every day.  the love you shared is in me and for that i am grateful to you forever.  you are in my heart every minute of each day.  if the sun comes up-i think about you.  when the moon shines bright, i dream of you.  you are me and i am with you.  we always will be joined by love and compassion.  you are my guiding grace and my angel.  you save me from drowning in grief.  i am thankful for the memories and the love and the lessons and for mother.  my friend.
i adore you"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

going where my heart is.....

i have this little dream~  in my heart.  i hold it close to me and don't talk about it too much.  it is MY dream.  my promise.  my plan.  it is planted deep in me.  waiting to emerge like a seed buried deep beneath layers of snow.  waiting to sprout and blossom into the unknown.  i will go there.  i will take her with me.  until then i will dream.  i will keep it alive in my heart.  and in my artwork.  i will keep my intention strong and alive.  it will emerge when it is time. only i will know~ when it is time.

collage for misty's class~  "purpose"

going where my heart is
"i will spread your ashes like stardust~
your will see it like you always wanted to and drink in the tuscan sun 
and under the moon you will paint the murals and sing the songs
you were meant to~
you live on in every day in all the beautiful sites i see
you are and always were the beautiful one~"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

comfort ~

i AM the
glow from the full moon
rising over the ocean
sharing a reflection for all to see the soft ripples
of the sea~
giving light to the crashing wave
as it heads to the shoreline
lighting the way for the lost and lonely soul
sailing alone
finding their way home~

my sweet baby....(11) was home today with the stomach virus that i had a few days ago.  oh, what a sad thing it is for me to see her so sick and not be able to do anything for her to make it go away.....  one thing i do know is that when i'm sick like that, i want my made me miss her even more a few days ago.  there's a certain comfort that only a mom can give when we are sick.  i remember it well.  so today, i am grateful that i could be there for mine to rub her back and sit with her on the bathroom floor with wet rag in hand for her sweaty forehead and neck.  now, she is resting quietly in my bed and on the mend after a long, grueling day....knowing that i will always be there for her when she needs me.

 still life acrylic painting on cold press watercolor paper

Saturday, January 15, 2011

~when magic happens~

thank you for sharing your magic with me s. girl~
today, you made my dream a little more real......
you gave me inspiration to truly make this happen....
not to just talk about it and dream about it.
you gave me little bits and pieces of italy that i will treasure.
you gave me a smile on my face when my husband came in with the 
package from you.
you made me believe in the kindness of people i don't really know, but want to know.
in magic.  in putting it out there and it happening.  
you gave me gratitude.  wonder.  imagining.  and the desire to follow my dream.
thank you from all of my heart.  your kindness is appreciated.  it will go a long way.

when my sweet mom was diagnosed with recurring ovarian cancer 3 years ago, the first thing she asked
the doctor was, "will i have time to go to tuscany".  sadly, he said no.  i sat in shock and pure sadness and disbelief as i watched her trying to stay brave and strong.  the heart wrenching battle that she fought the next few months was tragic.  but even more so, knowing she could never go to the place she dreamed of going.  she new every line to the movie "under the tuscan sun".  she had so many things she wanted to see there.   she died in may of 2008.  august 23rd.(her birthday) we spread her ashes by my aunt ginny's house in the creek.  i kept a small jar of her ashes knowing that i would carry her to italy one day.  
today, i received a package from a friend i met through and on-line class and her blog.  of course when i saw that she lived in italy, i commented that i had to go there one day and a quick line about my mom.  
this is where the magic starts.  she read my comment, asked me for my address and lovingly put a package together for me with some bits and pieces from italy.  a lovely card, beautiful soap in a hand made cloth bag with sea shells tied to it.  yummy candies that i am trying not to devour!!  a photo of the leaning tower for my inspiration board and a tea bag.  i am truly humbled by the generosity and thoughtfulness behind all of this.  
so.  my word for the year as some of you may have read is "purpose".  i know what that is.  i know where i need to go and what to do.  thank you s. for helping me stay inspired.  for keeping my little dream glowing inside.  you are awesome :)

Friday, January 14, 2011


"in our human spirit, we are so fragile~ yet strong
enough to endure the darkest hours and wake up again in awe
of the precious miracles that surround us"
june 7, 2009

today, i am thinking of all the people in australia~flood victims losing 
homes and loved ones.  their community forever changed.  
haiti.  still after a year.  grasping for normalcy. 
the victims of a senseless and selfish act of crime in arizona.  lost.  
i am sending love and light to all that struggle.  no matter what that struggle
is.  everyone is worthy of love.  forgiveness.   prayers.
remember.  YOU are brave.  and strong.  and worthy.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


dear kim,
you are exactly where you are supposed to be~
try not to judge yourself or you work~
be as good to yourself as you are to you family and friends~
take your time and enjoy this journey~
you have come so far and been through loss that is hard to understand~
be gentle with yourself and remember that fear blocks faith~
let go of your fears and let your heart shine~
you are living your dream~
grow strong and just be you~
you are enough~
love, kim

this journey is amazing.  today, i will enjoy the ride.  i will be easy on myself.  i will forgive myself for anything i need to.  i will continue to grow and keep working on my dreams and goals.  i will see how much i am blessed beyond belief.  i will love me like i do others~
i will listen to this over and over~
wanna play along??  go out there and show the world who you are.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

learning to fly....

day 2.  art class with misty.  i'm already feeling so inspired and like wow....there is so much to learn in this world of art.  if ever you have thought about taking an on-line class....she's amazing~ 
still life...."my tools"

tomorrow is yet another day that my kids will be out of school and i have to say that usually i'm so excited when schools out, but with this class and all the great assignments....not so glad!  i have so much work that i want to do~ and my girls art getting stir crazy!!

still working on faces.....
tomorrow i will keep practicing on drawing..... and i have to get some "real" work done too!  
soon, i will have a collection of my pieces at a sweet little spot down at carolina beach.  "artful living group" in the heart of the town is dedicated to bringing art and creativity to the area.  i will have my jewelry there as well as maybe a workshop on art journaling.  it's gonna be great place to visit and shop local for art and jewelry as well as some great workshops and art shows.........grand opening in march.  more info. to come~

"i have a tattoo on my heart"

it is my mom's last laugh
her contagious smile
her sweet spirit
her patience
her love for my girls
her art
her voice
her spontaneity
her old photos
her hair
her perfume
her toes
her life

brenda kay croom
  august 23, 1944- may 21, 2008

Monday, January 10, 2011

~snowy day~

last night when we got the call saying "no school" today, we all thought there was no way we would get hardly ever snows here and after all we just got a little dusting the day after Christmas....what were the chances?!

after a good bit of playing in the snow and some nice warm coffee....i had plenty of time to start on some of the assignments for misty's class~  

no school again tomorrow......

"she decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language and birds fluttered around her, writing 
"yes" in the sky."

monique duval

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

surprise party's and poetry....

i can hardly believe that i pulled off a surprise party for my 14 year old~
it worked like a charm and i got more joy from the planning and excitement than
i ever thought possible!  she thought her grandma and aunt and 2 cousins were coming for dinner~
but after a long day of cooking, decorating and calling her girlfriends it was much more than that.....

it was a wonderful night that filled our house with laughter and stories and the making of memories...
a night that i hope she will always remember~

you are capable of letting go....
of trying new things  
without me by your side
but i will never leave you
i will love you forever
through all of the storms 
and when the rainbow comes out
and stretches across heaven
you are part of me ~
you will always be in my heart and soul
even when you stretch your wings and fly
you are still part of me and always and forever my love
may 25, 2009

new journal pages.....
"a finder of serenity"


Saturday, January 1, 2011

~in with the new~

~bring it on 2011~
yes, today has been an awesome start to the new year~  last year wasn't so bad, but i'm ready for new....for classes....and inspiration~  i will paint my own corner and love it.  i am ready to embrace what 2011 has to offer.

wow!  i have found some awesome blogs lately...(in my spare time).  this one i LOVE.....and especially the video "your corner"~ you might have to scroll down to find it, but trust me, it's worth it!  this was a great reminder for me and a challenge that i am ready to take on!  it goes right along with my word for the year..."purpose".   
i started off the new year making art and enjoying time with my teenage daughter who was making a card for a friend.  today was a joy in many ways~  

i have been finding and collecting the supplies for misty's class, and i gathered up some of my mom's old paintbrushes and put them in one of her favorite glass jars (it belonged to her grandma) to use for this special occasion.  (i'm sure she's in heaven smiling right now)~
counting down the days until january 10~  can't wait.  

another one of my new favorite blogs is sperlygirl.  i love the color here.  she is in one of my favorite places that i have never been to.  and i simply must go there.  it will happen because i made a promise to my mother to make it it will be. day~

and favorite....for when you have time~
for inspiration and poetry, i would take a visit to sweetest in the gale of my favorites is road trip.
as you can see, i have a lot of new favorites...too many to share at one time!  more to come though~

i have a surprise party to get ready for!!  i LOVE surprises~ my daughter turns 14 on monday....  she will have a really great surprise tomorrow with a handful of her best girlfriends....a delicious spaghetti dinner, breadsticks, fresh salad and some really yummy cupcakes!  YAY....
her sister is making her birthday card at the moment.

during the night

during the night i fell asleep by the sea
when i woke, i danced in the moonlight 
and realized that the ocean was full of tears.
glimmering in the sand was a heart shaped shell.
it was for me~with a message.
a very quiet message that all would be well with my soul.
the sun began to rise 
and i knelt to pray.

jan. 6, 2009