Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year
wishing you all much happiness and joy.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


reflecting on the year behind us (almost).....and cherishing what lies ahead~

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us."   ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

the year has floated by once again and i find myself reflecting on the many events that have occurred.  life lessons were abundant this year....(as with every year, i suppose).  i am constantly learning to be more grateful and to be more patient.....with myself mostly, but also with others.  the lessons are often humbling and that's okay too.  i believe that we learn more about ourselves when we are humbled.

 friendships change.  some friends are made by nature and circumstances, some by chance.....others are just plain soulful and stronger than superglue.  some friendships evolve and some are meant to dissolve.  this is okay....i truly believe that we are put with certain people when we or they need it the most.  things aren't meant to go smoothly all the time and the friendships that are the strongest will rise and fall with the tide and the love will be stronger than the ocean's waves.  of all the lessons, it is the realization that family is of so much importance that it really doesn't matter what any of the petty concerns and criticisms are.  although we are all so different~ we have the strongest bond imaginable and no matter what, we will be there for each other always.  i am thankful for my sweet family and all of my friends old and new. 

~be here now~

 we were blessed in many ways this year....we have this new awesome member of our 1000 pound boyfriend "beau".  to love a horse is to love your soul just a little more.  they teach us so much and their strength and beauty is so massive and beyond words that it's haunting at times.  

 as always, when a year ends, i start thinking "did i do enough"..."did i make enough?"......"was i creative enough?" what better way to start off the new year than to take a class with misty mawn!!! she is soulful and creative and i love her teaching style.  if you want to join in on the fun...go here and sign up~  anyone who has taken her classes before knows that it will be the most awesome way possible to start off the new year.  i got on the class site last night and already feel transformed creatively.....i know it sounds corny, but it's true.  misty has this way of pulling you in and she shares so much of herself and her knowledge that you feel like you've known her forever.  in addition, she really is the best teacher ever.  gentle, kind and's like she's rooting for you to be successful as an artist.    inspiration is all over the place on her class site and i can hardly wait for january 9th to roll around~~~
thanks misty for all you put into your classes and for sharing yourself and your art with us once again~

me and misty at art and soul 2011

my word for this new year  is "cherish".....i thought about it and have many more words that will do, but this one seems to suit me well at the moment.  cherishing memories, friends, family, and all of life's lessons....i will focus for sure on the beautiful moments and the many blessings we have, and cherish them all~

~happy new year everyone~
~make art, love life, stay healthy, and glow from within~

Sunday, December 25, 2011


wishing you all a peaceful day filled with joy and love

   (photo taken by lacie beller)

the gifts are many and the joys are abundant here today.  looking around, i am feeling so blessed ...with family,...friends (so many really good friends)....and my beautiful two dogs and my two cats.  
  everyone is pretty laid back at the moment and the house is quiet.  the excitement from this morning wore off earlier and we are all enjoying the relaxing evening.  
i'm thinking about anyone out there who might be lonely or sad this Christmas.  all of the heroes in the military...spending the day without family, and their families without them.  anyone who has lost someone recently, or even not so recently.  i know from experience how hard the holidays are after loss. the absence of my mom is still haunting and hard to believe even after a few years.  and what about those who have lost their job....maybe lost there home?  my heart goes out to all who might be struggling in any way this season.  i hope that everyone has found a way to be helpful and loving to someone who needs it.  pay it forward, leave a small gift for someone without them knowing who it's from.  share food...donate money to charities...leave a love note or painted rock for someone.....there are so many ways to give a simple gift or act of kindness and hopefully we will all make time to do that all year round.  wishing you all many blessings and healing where needed and most of all lots of love.
~~~~ merry Christmas~~~~

Sunday, December 4, 2011


when i decorated the mantle yesterday morning, it made me think of this song....
i love how it turned out and it was so simple...i took mason jar's a friend gave me and tied them with sand dollars and star fish using twine.  i added a little sand from the beach and a votive candle, threw in some shells and a few sprigs from the Christmas tree around the jars and it's perfect~ (and free)!!

Simple Gifts
'Tis the gift to be simple,
'tis the gift to be free,
'tis the gift to come down where you ought to be,
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
It will be in the valley of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gained,
To bow and to bend we shan't be ashamed.
To turn, turn will be our delight,
'Til by turning, turning we come round right

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

giving thanks

this is the only photo i have of my mom on her last thanksgiving.
how i wish this day could be here again.  that i could help her with all of the cooking, hear her lovely laugh and her calming voice.  she was grace and love.  and she spread it wherever she went, and to whoever she had the chance to get to know.  
so, as we approach thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season, i am overwhelmed with thanks and appreciation.  for the many memories i have of my sweet mom who left us all way to soon, and for the new memories that i'm creating here with my girls and family and friends.  so much happens and we sometimes take for granted the gifts of friendships and of people we love.  and although we all go through life with trials and tribulations, in the end, family is the most important thing we have.  
wishing everyone out there a beautiful thanksgiving and the chance to embrace all of the blessings and each family member or friend in a special way.  
because we never know when the time will come that we won't have that chance again.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the way it was~

fireflies in mason jars on summer light the way for walks around the neighborhood after supper
2 channels on t.v. that we hardly ever watched
the beverly hillbillies and gilligan's isle
8 track tapes and turn tables
honey bees and honey to sell at the local IGA at grandma lu's
fishing with dad late at night because the tide was just right
eating raw oysters and not worrying about getting sick
riding bikes all over the neighborhood and parents not even the least bit worried about where you were....
as long as you're back by supper time
yes ma'am and no sir
a pop in the mouth for talking rude or dis it hardly ever happened
trail rides with friends for hours....bare back and no boundaries
phones that plugged in to the wall for goodness sakes
vinyl swivel dining room chairs
the carpenters and johnny cash
hand-me-downs was the lottery
patches on all the clothes i owned and happy for it
2 pairs of shoes....1 for play and 1 for church
family dinners every night
chicken and stars  for lunch and potted meat sandwiches for camping trips
always something to do and never bored
grandparents were just as much family as mom and dad
black labs and beagle puppies
making jewelry with telephone wire
macrame hanging baskets
the price is right 
dad in his recliner every night for the evening news
the biggest and best ever climbing trees everywhere
mud puddles and ditches
metal gliders and lanterns on the porch
simple holidays with more memories than i can shake a stick at
swimming pools and playing in aunt ginny's make-up and closet
magic potions
striking matches and being scared to death of getting caught
the love of a wacky family and knowing nothing different or better
dang i miss those days.........

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the face of autumn

it's like the sound of a memory.  when autumn rolls around i am so ready for it.  the crisp cool weather, it seems so clean and reminds me of so many's my melancholy time of year. reflecting on the summer fun, but glad it's cooling off and we're moving on.  remembering the last thanksgiving my sweet mama was here and so thankful that our whole family got together to be with her.  her contagious and gentle smile.  it's like a whole bunch of memories come flooding many, it's hard to remember them all.  i've always loved this season as it has so much to offer and comes around just in time. a time to renew and remember. my soul is laughing out loud and i am so grateful, blessed and renewed.  

we just got back from the mountains and it was amazing. (as it is every time i've ever been)......this is the morning view from our cabin, before the sun came up and gave the most magnificent light to the valley and all of the mountains.  the colors on the leaves  were still beautiful and many of the memories have left an imprint on my heart already.
i was telling my girls that i hope the hour long wait in a line to eat at the dan'l boone inn will be a memory that they will want to tell one day.  we didn't know that there was a college game and that it would be bumper to bumper and packed in boone that day.  after some fun shopping and walking around downtown in the light snow, drooling over at least a dozen pairs of boots at the western shop, we decided to go eat at the dan'l boone inn.  i ate there about 25 years ago and just couldn't wait to get there.  they bring you a salad with homemade buttermilk ranch dressing the minute you sit down....followed by a full on country style meal (the kind my grandma used to make every sunday) and they keep the bowls coming until you are so full that you almost have to waddle out.  i can still remember sitting there so long ago with my friends.  the lazy susan filled with bowls full of southern home cooking and the hike afterwards.  it's amazing, the gift of a memory.  

happy autumn~xo

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


it doesn't matter what you know, where you come from or who you're with. ... there's always more to learn.  we are learning something new every single day with beau.  he's the best horse and has so much of a gentle spirit it's almost hard to bear.  he's just full of love.  our whole family is in love with him for real!  so, just when i think i've (sort-of) figured out where i'm going and what i'm doing...we get a horse. everyday he teaches us something. and everyday when i feel like maybe i should be making art or making a new piece of jewelry, i would rather be right out there with him, soaking up the peaceful beauty that being on a farm has to offer.  there's nothing like a 1000 pound animal trotting up to you to say hello.   we all feel so blessed to be in his presence and learning him as we go.   horses are good for the soul. ~

"the happy heart runs with the river, floats on the air, lifts to the music,
soars with the eagle, hopes with the prayer."
                                                              Maya Angelou

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

meet beau ~


this is beau.  a very sweet and beautiful appaloosa. (i know, no spots)!!
i met him last friday and have ever since been waiting to hear
if we could get him. i took him out on a trail ride and he's a dream.
i fell in love and have been "chomping at the bit" all weekend.
about 2 months ago, my oldest daughter came to me and had to have 
serious talk.  she asked me to please not say anything and to just think
about what she has to say.  but DON'T give her an answer yet!  Well, 
she gave a fine speech about how she has been investigating the cost and 
the facts of "owning" a horse.  AND  unbeknownst to me, she had already
saved almost $500.00 to put toward a horse.  so, here's the don't
have to talk me into it.  i've wanted a horse since i was about 8 years old.  
i just couldn't understand why we couldn't turn my dad's garden into a horse 
pasture.....none of his reasons to not get a horse made sense to me!  i was 
lucky enough to have friends with more than one horse and i always had
a horse to ride.  i wouldn't take anything for the memories i have of me and 
my girlfriends riding all over the place on horses.  even swimming in the inracoastal
waterway with them!  we had a blast.  
so when my babe comes to me with her speech about getting a horse of our own, 
i told her all we need to do is get your dad on board and we can do it!  i wish i 
had a photo of the presentation poster that she and her sister made to help their 
case, but i don't.  let's just say it was VERY convincing, filled with every photo of
every horse we've ever been around....and with facts about cost and owning, etc.
i have to tell you they really did their research and made a very strong case 
for why they wanted a horse so bad.  
my man took one look at me, then at them and said....."sure, we can get a horse"....
so, the hunt began!  

 we are already in love.  

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man"
                                                                           Winston Churchill

Monday, October 10, 2011

all is calm~

"it is only when we silence the blaring of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts."  k.t.jong

my daddy

one of my art journaling students gave me some really old books and i've altered the cover and the inside with fun collage.  it's so freeing to just tear and modpodge in any fashion, no rules or plan....just play!
the pages in the journals aren't complete with writing or scribble yet, but ready for me to add pen to paper when i'm inspired to go there. :)

here are some of my latest journaling pages ....
i've been unintentionally drawn to old family photos
and craving the traditions that we had when my mom
was here.  the memories are priceless though and we
now have started our own little quirky traditions.  in the 
past i've resisted being TOO traditional; ( we never know
what might come up....)  but now my girls are getting older
and i'm getting a little more sentimental about them having 
some precious memories of family traditions like i've been
gifted with.  

i am hoping to have some very wonderful news tomorrow and the waiting is just about to EAT ME ALIVE!  i will tell all tomorrow if it happens...and it has nothing to do with art or jewelry. 
so, if i've sparked your interest, check back tomorrow or as soon as you can and i'll share my news! 

Saturday, October 8, 2011


today i will have no regrets
i will love and cherish the beautiful moments that happened today
i will remember and be thankful for times with my mother
i will be strong and brave
and also maybe a little weak
but that's okay too.
today i will live in the moment and not dwell on any of the moments
i will watch the sun set and hope for a rainbow
then i saw a rainbow for real....
i will remember that all moments pass quickly 
and i had better be here for them
one hundred percent be HERE
i will be the best me i can be 
and i'll know that everyone else is doing the same
we are all one
we are all in this together 
and we all have our days
i will be thankful for the blessings i'm surrounded with
i will know every moment that i am love and am loved
and i am thankful for each and every one of you

Monday, October 3, 2011

nature trails, spoil islands and upcoming art adventure~


saturday was the perfect day.  we took the family out to poplar grove plantation 
and walked the nature trails there.
  we all had such a good time, walking....running...laughing and exploring. 
 the dogs were completely worn out when we got home...  they napped the rest of the afternoon.

sunday was just as gorgeous .....perfect surf and great day for a boat ride.  we went exploring up the waterway and found a great camping spot for this weekend.  this is my favorite time of year to go camping.....great for campfires and a little evening paddle in the kayaks.  we are all anxiously waiting for friday so we can go check it out~

the views here are better than any waterfront house that i know of.  i joked with my husband that maybe we could fit an airstream camper up in there........but instead, we will pack up the kids, dogs,  tents,  marshmallows and firewood and head over friday for a night of camping and adventure.  there are trails to walk on, trees to climb, marsh to paddle through, and stories to be told by the campfire.   thanks to my dad, i have had a love for camping my whole life.  i was lucky enough to grow up here and to have experienced many a camping trip when i was younger.  the days of vienna sausage sandwiches and spam are long gone, but the memories are permanently engrained and are being passed along to my girls. i am seriously just as excited as they are about going this weekend.  

the island is covered with live oaks and wax myrtles

once again, everyone was exhausted on the boat ride home!

well, thanks to misty mawn and her wonderful online class that i took with her, 
my work is in somerset studio magazine. 
she did a great story about online classes, and included is some of the work from her students!!  i am thrilled to be included here and am especially proud of the piece submitted more for the sentimental and symbolic value than the piece itself.   many of the students submitted there beautiful work for this article.  i hope you have a chance to check it out!

"flight lessons"

there is a small photo of my mom when she was young in the left of the piece and the butterfly wing up top is one that i found at airlie gardens.  entitled "flight lessons", it's all about trusting the journey that i've been on since the loss of my mom three years ago.  it really makes me happy to see her sweet face on the pages of a magazine.  thanks misty for making it happen xo
coming in NOVEMBER is No Boundaries, International Art Colony, co-founded by my friend, 
PAM TOLL.   i am really excited to go back for the second year and enjoy a couple of days with artists from around the world.   i'll be cooking for the artists one night, and will have the opportunity to create in a diverse setting.  can't wait to share more about this really awesome experience.

"live with intention"

Monday, September 12, 2011

lemonade stands and teddy bears

my girls and their girls.....enjoying a lazy day in the hammock.

when i took this photo last week i had no idea what we were in for over the next few days.
thursday night my oldest daughter complained of a bad stomach ache.  i told her we would keep
an eye on it and hopefully she would feel better soon.  by 4 in the morning on friday she was doubled over and we were headed to the e.r.  after a series of tests and c.t. scans, we were told she needs emergency surgery to remove her appendix.  i had a feeling that's what it was.  thankfully the surgery went well and we are now home and in recovery mode.  it's was such a helpless feeling knowing there was nothing i could do to make her feel better and to see her in so much pain.  the friends that we are blessed with helped us in so many ways.  a couple of her friends got together and had a lemonade stand to raise money to buy her a big teddy bear.  when they showed up with it yesterday, i could hardly believe how big it was!!

 we were so touched by their gesture, and we are so thankful to all of our friends who have been there for us through it all. 

we are blessed and thankful ~

Sunday, July 24, 2011

the joys of summer~


there's nothing like taking an outdoor shower on a hot july summer morning.
the sound of the birds chirping and playing, the morning sun beaming through the massive oak trees and the pure fresh air....i just love taking showers outside.  my man built this awesome shower for us.  using an old door that we've had sitting in the shed for a few years and some hard work and lots of sweat..the finished product is just perfect..................

the shower that lenny built.......

~crossing over the emerald isle bridge~

last week we went to atlantic beach to meet friends there.  they were on their family vacation and we were able to spend a few days with them.  the drive from wilmington to atlantic beach is only about 2 hours, so my girls and i took a little road trip!  the weather was perfect and the company was even better.

good friends~


i had never met my friend, laura's family before and they all welcomed us with open arms.  we enjoyed beach time together, shell seeking and shopping and at the end of the day, perfect summer dinners.
the last night we were there, laura's sister cooked up the best meal.....truly the definition of summer!  fresh shrimp, corn on the cob, tomato pie, fresh buttered bread and of course....key lime pie for desert!
the laughter at the table was contagious and the stories were priceless!   it was really special to be among such a big, fun, and loving family~

THANK YOU BETH!  .......
i would like to thank beth (do what you love for life)  for sharing my story on her beautiful blog.  
we all have a story to tell....and beth does a wonderful job of sharing the stories of many .....whether you already are doing what you love, or know what you want to do, she shares your journey with others.  her stories are inspiring and soulful.  

making time for art in the heat of the summer~

a little something i just finished up....."me and you under the stars". 
(plaster and wire sculpture)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

about my heart

photos have been removed from this post due to tech problem :(

"about my heart...
in love.
out of love.
for real.
in flight.

"your heart is your compass.....follow it"

yes, i'm trying to follow my heart, wherever it goes.  sometimes things get all fuzzy and make me dizzy......i lose focus and my sense of direction, then all of a sudden i'm back on track again~ 
my journals, my jewelry, my's all about following your heart. (my heart) keeps coming up over and over, this heart thing.  so, here it, following my heart~

"me and you under the stars"

when the going gets tough....i make something!  i've said so many times...."art saves me"!  if i can get my hands dirty, or hammer a piece of metal, or make a mess with a little paint, i can get through the rough patches.  as awesome as this little life of mine is....there can be challenges and bumps that make me crazy sometimes!!  so, i break out the plaster, the paint, or the hammer, and make something that makes me happy as i swim through the muddy waters.  art gets me through~

i'm a little obsessed with making books these days......and this little baby is made with plaster gauze.  i've yet to glue the canvas binding, but when it's finished it will be filled with my favorite quotes.  the shell on the front is made from a mold of a shell that i found in costa rica.  i love the texture of the plaster and how it accepts the paint and i love how chunky the book is.  

more hearts.....
i've been working on new jewels for my etsy shop and for  ARTFUL LIVING ,  a quaint little artsy spot in the heart of carolina beach.  

and.......i just found this new favorite blog......this girl has it going on in the video department.  i just love her style, music and images in her videos.  it's an inspiring little place to visit if you get a moment to peek!

"be forever grateful for the memories that are kept in the depths of your heart-
for this will keep you going when the flame is only a flicker and
 the darkness is approaching the soul.
the memories will light the way" 

for j.h.  from me~

 my moleskine journal....i love this technique  .   

oh, and happy july~  beautiful, hot, steamy, july.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

about june~

photos removed from this post due to tech problems....

i can hardly believe june has flown by.....always a busy month with school getting out and summer here in full force~
  i was in manteo for a little while teaching a "play-shop" and seeing some friends.  what a sweet little town to visit!

in the midst of teaching and visiting and playing in manteo, i had got to do some art journaling too.
one thing i've known, but continue to learn on an even deeper level is that art saves me.  no matter where i am and what the circumstances, i can always whip out my art journal and get it out in some fashion.

sometimes, flying is the hardest part......

there's been a big mess in my little studio this month too.....i've been playing along with stephanie lee and judy wise in their plaster studio workshop.  what fun!!  i remember making things with plaster when i was younger, but i didn't have the full appreciation for art in all its forms then.  i think i just did some hand prints and that's about it!  thanks to stephanie and judy, i've found new uses for plaster and have another creative outlet for myself!!  (a little dangerous, yes....but so much fun)~

my little boat, before paint......

after paint.....but still not finished.  
i love the rough and raw texture of plaster and i love how it feels to get your hands in it!

i found a purple starfish once, here at wrightsville was so pretty.....
i wanted to make one to keep forever.  it's not the same as the one on the beach that i saw but didn't take because it was still alive and vibrant with life and color, but i like it!  i still have a little painting to do, but this is it for now.

my friend jen called me last weekend and told me about a yard sale she found where 4 artists were selling their stuff.....
of course i jumped in the truck (my man came along too) and we were off to see what we could find.
it turned out that the 4 girls were friends of mine and they had all kinds of goodies that i couldn't resist!!  
i found this sign for $5.  and love it!  i've seen these at NOFO (a favorite gift shop)  for $45.
i also found lots of paints, papers, a fold out 6 foot long table, some yarn, stamps and hole punches.....but i love the sign the best!!  it's hanging in my kitchen so everyone knows the deal here..."be nice, or leave"

i will be teaching another "play-shop" here in wilmington with melissa manley sat. july 16th....9-5
"book-making journey" at heART space.  we're doing this here in my apartment/studio.
making a book with a copper etched stamp and also hand carving a stamp to use again and again.
we will teach lots of journaling/collage/photo techniques to use and will have plenty of time to create a unique and beautiful book together.  
cost of play-shop is $95. and includes all supplies, lunch, snack and inspiration~
call for more info. or to sign up...910-231-5576

and this is our new baby...."rio"~
he loves sunflowers too!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

i think i'm in love with plaster~

it's getting a little crazy around here!......
i just got my copy of plaster studio because i signed up for judy wise and stephanie lee's plaster workshop.  their book came in the mail just after i got my copy of misty mawn's new book, unfurling.  so, of course i have been an art/plaster/book-making/journaling/painting/sketching junkie and have hardly had time to get anything else done.  (taking girls to school and a little time for surfing).  i've been knee deep in plaster and can't put my journals down......ideas are swirling in my head, even in the middle of the night!  it's a great feeling to have the creative flow flowing. sometimes the well is dry and there's nothing.  but now it's flowing like a waterfall.  i can't stop myself~  AND i'm getting ready for the "book-making journey" workshop that i will be teaching in manteo with melissa manley on
june 18th.   inspiration is everywhere.  i'm so grateful to you misty, and you judy, and you stephanie for sharing your knowledge and inspiring people everywhere to create and find joy through art.  you are all amazing~

 i think i'm in love with plaster.

this is the cover to the book i'm making with plaster.  i can see why judy and stephanie go on and on about it and now i totally get the obsession with plaster.  
i made a smaller square book cover too.......
i've yet to put them together and haven't done the encaustic layer yet, but was so excited that i wanted to share.  i've been obsessed with book-making lately and this is just one more medium to add to the mix!  


the surf has been so much fun and the water feels great.
  i have been loving getting in the water with my girls.  the month of may can be a little
tough at times.....the anniversary of my mom dying.  but we get through with love and laughter, 
a big serving of memories, good times in the water and an unbelievable gratitude for family and friends.
AND birthdays!!  

fresh key limes for my friend libby's key lime birthday pie.
hagan did the lime squeezing....lots of them!  

AND she made the graham cracker crust.  
extra butter and crumbs and lime zest on top!

hagan loves birthdays as much as i do....and as i was finishing up the painting for libby, i got 
a little side tracked and the pie dripped in the oven, the center fell and the
 house started to smell like smoke.   
but i really liked how the collage turned out!!

all in all it was a perfect day and the pie tasted good....even thought it looked pretty bad.  (i should have taken a picture....)

bittersweet that may has come and gone, but i welcome june with open arms!!!


the memories keep me afloat.  
too many to share.
too much to tell.
it's all in my heart.
that's good enough.
memories are worth more than anyone can know.
never alone.
never alone.
never alone.
i will always have memories.

brenda kay croom
august 23, 1944- may21, 2008

Thursday, May 26, 2011

stay open~

~me and misty at art and soul~

YES, i asked her to sign my book.........
i have to admit that i wondered if it was cheezy to ask for an autograph....(i've never been one to ask for autographs).  but she IS one of my all time favorite artists and i just did it! 
 of course misty is so gracious and wrote a little note on the front with no hesitation.  AND she didn't mind my friend (paparazzi)  taking a few photos either.  this was my first art retreat AND my first time ever leaving my girls for more than one night at a time........(they are 12 and 14).   how lucky i am to have had the opportunity to take a class with misty.  i already felt pretty spoiled taking an on-line course with her, which was amazing by the way!  but meeting her in person was fabulous.  i love that she is so generous and sharing with her gift and that she is so genuine and unpretentious.  her workshop left me inspired and open to create from the heart and to trust myself and embrace where i am as an artist.
that's what this is about.....staying open.  i think that sometimes we get caught up in where someone else with their art ....what they're doing and where they're teaching.....etc.  that we lose sight of our own accomplishments.  sometimes it's hard not to compare, or not to question ourselves or to think that we're not good enough as artists, so we shouldn't put it out there.  thanks to misty and her encouragement both in her on-line class "stretching within" and her class at art and soul, i have moved on from the negative thoughts that sometimes clutter my brain.  this is such a good feeling.  from now on i will stay open to saying YES.  to making it happen and knowing that i am on the path i'm supposed to be on.  my journey is uniquely my own and i will embrace each part of it.  i love this community and all of the artists that share their stories, their art, photos....heart and soul.  this is where i want to be and i'm happy to have finally arrived in this place of no fear and staying open to all the possibilities.......

 your heart is your compass......follow it~