Thursday, December 23, 2010


it's impossible to list every awesome moment from 2010...but as i'm thinking about this year coming to a close and reflecting on the many events this year, i thought of a very special camping trip.  we went with our good friends on Easter weekend.  it was just perfect.  the sky, the shells, the campfire and conversation, we even brought along Easter eggs to put out in the dunes the next morning for the kids (although none of them still believe in the Easter bunny!!)  it was a beautiful time, but so ordinary.  something that we do often and maybe take for granted sometimes.  

 it's interesting when a year is about to end....hopefully we are compelled to think about the good, the not so good, and the changes we wish to make in the coming year!   

more of this.................

~camping on masonboro island - Easter weekend~

 i just read a good post here about the time we waste either watching t.v. or spending time on the computer......VERY thought provoking.  i'm not one to watch a lot of t.v.  in fact, i always tell my husband and my girls that if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't even have one.  it's true.  i really don't care. the computer has recently pulled me in though!  i'm not saying i'm always on....but it's so hard with all the awesome blogs out there....voodoo cafe being one!!.  now that i'm signed up for misty's class, i'm meeting all kinds of awesome peeps and of course i HAVE to look at their blogs. AND i get side-tracked really easy. rice has a good point though.....spending time looking around at everyone's art sometimes keeps ME from making art.  there are certain things i have to get done.....the obvious~being a wife, a mom.... making dinner, doing chores, driving here and there, making jewelry orders and getting ready for shows....these are things i have to do.  but art outside of the "have to do" hasn't been happening lately.  maybe this is due to spending too much time looking around at all the awesome blogs out there!  anyway, in 2011 i will enjoy misty's class....and make lots of art~ along with the every day have to do list.  (which i mostly love)...and hopefully spend less time on the computer while still checking in on my favorite blogs.  :)
i have been thinking also about my word for the year.  (hard to choose just one) i'm still pondering.
maybe balance??

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  1. It's funny - "balance" is the word I've been coming back to as my word for 2011 as well. :-)