Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~paying attention~

pay attention to what you are drawn to.
this is interesting (to me).....because at any given moment, that can change for me.  today, i am drawn to my newest journal and adding to it....lately, i have been drawn to trees.  ...tree of life....tree pose in yoga class....the trees that i see everyday and everywhere.  losing leaves.  some still colorful.  some look so cold.  some are dying.  the thing is that most of them will be beautiful and vibrant in the spring.  they will come back to life.  i just love this about trees.  but i like the winter too.  the transition they take on in the cold months is beautiful to me.  they look so strong, yet vulnerable at the same time.  kind of like me.....a dreamer with wings.
"when you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy."  RUMI

so today i will pay attention to what i am drawn to and play in my journal at home by the fire and listen to this.   


  1. Hi Kim - thanks for visiting me! I am SO excited for Misty's class. I love your beautiful journal! I love trees too, especially any tree of life art. You do beautiful work! Good to meet you!

  2. glad you are back!!

  3. i too am drawn to trees - thank you for sharing.