Sunday, December 26, 2010

new art space~

the day after Christmas......
*my husband's birthday :)
*time to rearrange the art space
*make birthday card
*make chicken chili
*make birthday cake
*make ART

i hope everyone had a merry day yesterday.  wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy
new year~filled with peace and many blessings.

i am super inspired by all the really cool spaces that my "classmates" are posting.
after a few different arrangements, i have finally put it all together in the front room
of my house.  my studio....for metalsmith work is now combined with all of my art supplies.
i've tried just pulling out the supplies and working at the kitchen table. .....(not so bad, but it has to
be cleaned up every time someone is coming for dinner!)  and i tried setting up at my mom's apartment.....
too sad.  she passed away in 2008 and lived here with us during her the apartment attached to our house will remain empty.  it was too sad going up there and i never got anywhere with my art...other than dark and sad i had to change that!  
NOW, today, i have moved everything in one space with my metalsmith studio and i think it will work out great.                                                               

after i got it all put together, i couldn't wait to get out my paints and brushes and work in my art journal.
a few months ago i bought some printmaking supplies so i could make my own stamp.    it's been on the shelf and i finally got it out today so i could make my husband a one-of-a-kind birthday card.  
my first hand-carved stamp!!  
and the birthday card....before i wrote on it~

i am so happy to have all my art in one feels cozy and i'm inspired.  i cannot wait for misty's class to begin~  


  1. I love this handmade stamp- it's wonderful!! As someone who lost her mom, gosh 12 years ago now, I feel for you. I am glad you make art and that you've made yourself a studio space- right on!!

  2. hi there ... what a cozy little corner you have here! i found you from the stretching within pool ... Adore your hand carved stamp!!!!

  3. What an amazing stamp!! I adore your design.