Tuesday, December 7, 2010

journal entry~nov. 20 something....

i am in love with the ocean and the light of the moon.   the waves are whispering sweet secrets and telling stories only the waves can tell-traveling for miles and miles- there's no telling what they have seen.  one can only imagine as they float over the bed of the sea....crash on the shore after so many hours of traveling.  but they never die.  with them they bring so many gifts.  the tumbled conchs and the moon snails with their perfect swirly centers.  the delicate sand dollar.  how does this miracle happen.  they are so delicate~ yet can endure the power of being washed ashore by the strongest, most powerful waves.  the wave must be gentle in it's own way.  nurturing the fragile beings as they journey to the shore.  even the broken pieces are beautiful.  they tell a story... the doves are gone-they flew away with the ocean breeze.  sand has blown into the crevices where they once lived.  these broken pieces are essential-the stories, the pain, all of it makes it more beautiful.  there are so many gifts that the sea offers....the angel's wings.  how could we both have found one at the same moment in time?  so many things we can't explain.  the sea glass on my birthday-the pile of shells last Christmas.  i know she is here.  planning these surprises.  here for me to find and feel her spirit.  is it so unbelievable?  i will say no.  the ocean. the fireflies. the hummingbird.  the angel wings. the sound resonating from my guitar strings.....lonely in the corner.  then silence.  silence to remember.  all the memories flood in like a tidal wave.  it's overwhelming, strange, surreal.  how can she be gone.....really gone?  i hear her at night in my dreams. so real.  thankful for the memories.  thankful for strength, all the lessons.  hard lessons.  moving on.  healing.  grieving. evolving.  what will we become?  the process, the journey is beautiful in so many ways.  even the hard parts. the lessons are there so it's worthwhile.  the need for family ties is strong-but with it comes acceptance that things aren't what we want them to be always.  this, i am beginning to learn, is okay.  it's an ebb and flow.  just like the sea. 
and now i will listen to this


  1. Hi Kim, thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for your kind words about my poetry. And welcome back to the blog world! Your words here about the ebb and flow of life, with all its joys and losses, really touched me. I look forward to working alongside you in Misty's class! Oh, and Hallelujah is one of my most favorite songs of all time. Have a great evening~~ :~)

  2. beautiful words and photo.
    beautiful you.


  3. It's very nice to meet you, Kim! I'm excited about Misty's class too and can't wait for it to start! Your blog entry is quite beautiful. I walk the beach and hunt for treasures and I have so many sand dollars in my studio that I don't know what to do with them all. :)