Monday, December 6, 2010

back in the blog world....

for some strange reason, i decided to come back to the blog world during the busiest (supposedly) season there is!  i'm sure there are a number of things that i could be doing right now besides creating another blog.....but after a couple of years away and lots of growing, grieving (the loss of my mom) and evolving....i decided to come on back!  hopefully some of the folks that found me before, will find me again.
 i am inspired immensely by a recent trip to bald head island for the "art with no boundaries" week.  i went over on the ferry with my friend to visit our friend shannon and some other artists.  after spending the day meeting and watching different artists from around the world create in this beautiful place, i came home transformed.  i couldn't stop painting and writing in my journal....making jewelry and reeling with ideas.  still, a few weeks later, i am overflowing with creativity.  it feels good to be in this space of creating and thirsting for more.  so much so, that i just signed up for this workshop in january and art and soul in april!! taking class with misty mawn~ l.k.ludwig~ and jesse reno.  my friend (and teacher), melissa and i are riding together....can't wait!  

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