Monday, November 24, 2014

everything has a purpose....and a re-purpose~

in the midst of the holiday chaos soon approaching, i'm finding ways to be mindful, stay in the moment, and give meaningful, sustainable gifts.  mostly, i like to make my own gifts....whether it be food, art or jewelry, i find that it's the homemade/ handmade gifts that tend to be most appreciated  and definitely more meaningful.  december 2nd i will be hosting an art play gathering in my heARTspace studio.... getting together with like minded kindreds to create all kinds of gift wrap, packaging, and small gifts by re-purposing things we have around the house or in the recycle bin.
i will share lots of ideas for sustainable gifts and ways to re-use/ re-purpose well as my recipes for laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and tips on buying bulk to avoid using plastic!
if you're in the wilmington area, email me for the

chocolate bar wrapper with hand carved stamp from foam board
(great for giving money to the nieces and nephews instead of buying money holder cards)

old used book, repurposed and used as an art journal.

another used book, altered cover and using the same hand made stamp from foam board

thanks for the (very large booklet) wake forest university!
re-purposed into a journal....

more mail from colleges...this one is from tulane i think~
hand made cards for your friends !

don't throw away paper that's been read....use the blank side for print making....
great for gift wrap OR collage 

keep all boxes to up cycle and use again for sending love packages to your friends~
who doesn't love getting a fun package in the mail!!??

ready to fill with goodies for someone i cherish :)

this is just a teeny little glimpse of what will be going on here in my studio on december 2nd.

space is limited~ let me know if you're interested and i will save you a spot.
bring something healthy to share
donations for art supplies are welcome. :)
bring any boxes, paper bags, envelopes or old books you would like to work on or share 

Monday, November 3, 2014

change is in the air.....a little announcement~

i will be opening my home studio for workshops in january 2015!
i love teaching workshops and continually have students ask if i teach in my home studio.  at the moment, my studio is a smallish room in the front of my house and serves as my art and metal working space.  (it's getting very crowded)!!  i'm in the process of tricking out the open space above my garage (a whole apartment) into my new ART studio.  i have used this space in the past for a few fabulous workshops and then would shift gears and rent it out, or have guests stay there.  as all things change, this space has undergone many!  appropriately called heART space, this was my mom's apartment before she passed away several years ago.   i honor her through my art and by using her space as inspiration for others.  anytime i am in that space making art, my heart is full with memories of her and all that she instilled in me.  she truly was my best art teacher.   my first guest artist in the space was judy wise.  (one of my favorite humans).... she came all the way from oregon to wilmington, nc.  it was a weekend i will never forget.  my passion for teaching has exploded since then and i am ready to spread my wings a little more and offer workshops and classes in my heART space!  i will post all workshops here, and on my Facebook page.  please stay in touch and come visit for a workshop or class when you can!  i will also open this space to artists who would like to teach in a small and intimate setting.  please email me if you are interested in teaching as a visiting artist.
i will teach an array of mixed media classes, from collage and art journaling to plaster and wax.  we will make books, play in art journals, be free on canvases, and much more.  i will also have open studio times where artists can bring in whatever they are working on and just play! stay tuned for more info. and photos of the space.  i will share the transformation as i go!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

what if…...

what if:
we ( parents, husbands, wives, friends, siblings, artists, politicians, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, welders, bus drivers, engineers, nurses, doctors, salesmen/women, flight attendants, gardeners, business owners, managers, pilots, etc.etc.) ALL practiced mindfulness.  we only say positive things about each other.  we only put out to the universe what we wish to receive back.  we help each other with no expectations.  we share ideas and techniques without fearing that someone will steal our ideas. we refrain from resentment…from unkind words.  we act with kindness to all situations. we wake each morning with gratitude for a new day.  we watch, listen to and comment only on positive and beautiful news and stories.  we speak only truth and only beautiful words. we take care of our earth, the trees, the ocean, the animals, the mountains, and everything in between like we love it beyond measure.  we sit in silence to meditate and listen to our voice within.  and we set out to truly love everyone in our path. what if. 

"wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving"  kahlil gibran

embracing everything beautiful….. 
loving the fall blooms in my yard.

art everyday.  no. matter. what. 

~be love~

Monday, October 13, 2014

art in saluda~

i just had an amazing weekend in the mountains of north carolina in the small town of saluda.  and there happens to be the best art studio ever,  right in the center of it all!  random arts !  ...a laid back and beautiful studio for art classes and gathering, the best selection of art supplies, vintage books, papers, stencils, stamps, .....on and on and on!  a really cool collection of handpicked clothing and accessories, and a front porch full of vintage finds from all around .  jane powell has the best thing going right there in the heart of small town saluda.  
my visit started with a walk up to pearson falls with one of my students who i actually met last year and loved her! we had a great afternoon, hiking and taking in the beautiful views, sounds and mountain air. 

pearson falls, saluda, nc.

per janes recommendation, i stayed at the charles street gardens and it was lovely.  the owners have beautiful established gardens all around the property.  i felt like i was walking through secret gardens....lots of gates, trellises and mirrors everywhere!....even candelabras were scattered around the gardens.  it was so cool to walk through.  the sounds of sweet birds chirping and water fountains all around made it even more peaceful~

saturday morning started the beginning of a really fun group of women getting together to make some art journals and fill with collage, paintings and explosion journal pages. 
we had a wonderful couple of days together and i cannot wait to go back again in april!

demo pages.... in my art journal

jane has the kitchen at random arts filled with hand painted cabinet doors that all visiting artists paint while they are there!  i LOVE the idea and it looks so cool....makes me want to paint all of my cabinet doors in my kitchen :)
here's mine below. .... 

we went on a little adventure and found some huge leaves for leaf prints in our journals. 

and here are the lovely students sharing one of their journal pages.  they all had such beautiful pages by the end of our weekend.....too bad we can't see them all !









i enjoyed the weekend so much and look forward to being with these wonderful women again in the spring next year.  i will be teaching more book making april 18 and 19 of 2015.  
join us if you can!  details to come soon!!

thanks to all of you who joined us for the workshop and for making it a special weekend.
and thanks to jane and paul of random arts for the hospitality and for having me!

Monday, September 8, 2014

i believe in you~

i believe in you.
so believe in yourself.
you can do anything you want to do.
it's true.
you are just as important as anyone you know.
you are powerful.  (even if you don't know it yet)
you are a beautiful soul.
you can manifest joy in your life.
just by being you.
you can do anything you want to do.

there is an amazing force within all of us. sometimes it's in hiding. we have to discover it for ourselves.  to reach deep down inside and remember who we are.  no matter what, we can change the course of our lives.  all you have to do is believe in yourself.  start with one little mantra each day.  choose joy.  receive everything with love.  don't take anything personally. we are allowed to shift our perspective.  what you saw yesterday, you might see differently today.  it's ALL in how we look at the world….at ourselves…at each other.  so, wherever you are and whatever it is, you can be anything you want to be.  it's true.

this is star mica from wrightsville beach rocks in wilmington nc.
(the most awesome rock store ever….with the most amazing women taking it all on.  nicole and kristin are SO knowledgeable and intuitive …they know just what to show you and when.  this little baby has rocked the love in our house…. 
i highly recommend getting yourself a good piece of something awesome to assist you in whatever you need at the moment :) 

"where do you want to go?…..go with all your brave heart" 

and don't forget to "trust your intuition"…..because you are brave.  yes, YOU are brave.
and you are love.  

"be love"

cheers to you and wherever you are in your journey.  
if you want to make a change, you can do it.
just decide today and you're on your way to doing whatever you want to do.
i've made some changes lately that feel amazing.  a 30 day cleanse was the beginning to an even deeper transformation than i could have imagined.  besides losing some pounds and inches, i have a new found energy and level of excitement that i didn't have before.  i feel even more amazing than i did…and feel like the sky is the limit.  nothing can stop me on this journey i'm on.  every single day, i want to continue to feel amazing and do something positive.  i want to meet everyone where they are.  i want to   be an example and live "the four agreements".  i want to tell everyone i know that i believe in them….that it's never too late to make a change or do something you love.  to fuel your passion. 

this is proof that anything can be done….. look at that amazingness…..
so, do it.  whatever it is that you need/ want.  today is the first day of that journey.
make it happen and grow strong.
because you are love…...


*and on a side note, i would like to share an experience i had last week.  ….. proof that people are awesome.  i have a workshop coming up and it's called "BRAVE-INTUITIVE-YOU".  i love to paint that way…intuitively…fearless…and brave.  my mantra is "be love" (i'm sure that's a popular mantra)… so after naming my workshop and putting out to my peeps here in little wilmington nc…..i happened to see on Facebook a post from flora bowley about a really cool blog thing she has going on.  so i went to her blog and ……GASPED!  her blog is named, yes, you guessed…"BRAVE INTUITIVE YOU"… here's what i did.  i messaged her on Facebook and told her about my workshop.  i assured her that i had no idea this was her blog name…her brand.  she responded and wished me the best for the workshop.  ….we corresponded back and forth for a minute…i had also written in one of my journals before "roots and wings"….this happens to be a workshop that judy wise, misty mawn, katie kendrick and stephanie lee held in utah.  again, just writing words that come to me.  we agreed that we are all kindreds.  likeminded spirits with a collective consciousness going on…..i just want to say thank you to flora bowley and to all the other beautiful artists out there who share and know that we are all on a sacred journey, all connected.  those who are compassionate and understanding….thank you.  
if you are looking for an awesome workshop, go HERE, for flora's "bloom true" e-course.  you will love her~

Thursday, August 21, 2014

feeling the love

feeling the love….
summer. gardens full of sunflowers.  chickens scratching
 in the dirt.  honeybees foraging.  annual beach trip with our friends.  rainbows after storms.  girls just being girls.  relaxing. reading lots of library books.  making lots of art.  being love.

this video makes me happy

upcoming workshops:
i will be teaching "collage play" at random arts in saluda, nc, oct. 11 and 12. i love the fun vibe there….jane makes it comfortable and cozy and there's shopping too! art supplies and cool clothes…a little bit of everything :)this makes it so convenient when traveling, as she will have plenty of supplies for the workshop!  it's a great place to visit, especially in october.  we will make a hand stitched, coptic bound journal and fill the pages with collage and my "explosion journaling" techniques. i will demo some of my favorite collage and journaling techniques and photo transfers! FUN~~~~~  there's a beautiful waterfall just up the street that is well worth the short hike…
reserve a room and come on! 

 "a painted journal" here in my "heARTspace" studio in wilmington, nc, oct. 18 and 19. my friend jenny wentworth and i will be teaching a collaborative workshop where we will make a hand stitched , hard cover journal and learn techniques to paint, collage and decorate the cover, then jenny will teach her beautiful portrait techniques to fill the pages. a quiet and intimate setting, filled with soulful creativity, you will not want to miss it!!

"plaster covered heirloom journal" at the cameron art museum, museum school on nov. 1 and 2.  my friend melissa manley and i are happy to be teaching this class for the second time! you will leave with a beautiful, tactile, heirloom quality, plaster covered journal.  melissa and i both bring to the table our shared expertise and knowledge….collage and journaling techniques and lots of plaster ideas along with our shared passion for teaching art.  we have such fun teaching together and it's contagious.  please join us if you can for this awesome workshop! 

(carolyn with her plaster covered journal at the last workshop)

and here are some of my
 journal pages, a little art and bookmaking from this summer. 

(this piece was inspired by michael franti when he was here and was auctioned for "do it for the love foundation".

making art at the beautiful "wrightsville beach rocks" location. heart filled journaling...

art on the porch during a visit to my friend in nags head, nc.

feeling the love is all about doing whatever it is that defines what you love to do.  for me, (besides the obvious, like spending time with family and friends, etc.) that means creating.  a lot.  everyday. it means surrounding myself with people that bring light and love into my world, and me doing the same for them.  it means taking really good care of myself in every way possible.  and being fully present with friends and family. and raising my bees and my chickens….growing my own food.  feeling the love, is being the love….keeping the peace and knowing when to say yes…knowing when to say no. 

choose joy.