Sunday, April 6, 2014

nurture you own soul…make something meaningful.

nurture your own soul.  for me, this means i have to do what makes me happy.  to live the life i want to live.  to raise my children the way i want to raise them…and so on.  there are so many options in this world we live in, and we each have to choose what works for us.  thankfully, we are all individuals, so we don't really need to worry what the next person is doing…we don't have to talk about it, complain about it, dwell on it.  we only need to focus on ourselves and what works for our circumstances.  in my life, it's my sweet family and friends, togetherness, making art, learning new things, being in nature, and making memories every single day.
here's what i've been working on in the studio~

an upcoming workshop at the Cameron Art Museum , May 3rd and 4th weekend….
and it's going to be AWESOME~~~
 i will be teaching a collaborative workshop with my friend melissa manley where we will show you how to make a beautiful plaster covered heirloom book.  filled with luscious fabriano artistico watercolor paper with plaster covered wood substrates for the covers, we will spend the weekend creating and filling these pages with learned journaling and collage techniques.  if you are looking for a great way to spend the weekend, creating a beautiful, tactile heirloom, this class is for you.
you can register online at the Cameron Art Museum~
supplies?!  don't worry, we've got you covered.  we want to make it easy for you, so we will have a supply kit already made up for you with all of the essentials.  all you need to bring are a few of your personal collage elements, some of your favorite paints and brushes, and some copies of photos for learning photo transfers.  this information is on the museum site, but please feel free to email me with any questions you might have :)

this is melissa's sample book for the class.  i LOVE how she stitched the linen straps onto the cover.  so cool! hopefully you can see all the texture she added to the plaster cover.  we were working on a damp afternoon, so the plaster wasn't quite dry enough to embellish with paints.

my cover for the class sample.  i used another piece of fabric over the linen and added buttons to mine.
we will go over many options in the class and will also have scraps of fabrics to embellish with.

side view of my journal…
don't you just love the spine!  painting the spine beforehand is optional, of course….and you might want to add some washi tape for fun~

this is a wood substrate covered in plaster and painted over.  i sealed this one with some dorlands wax medium.  this is an example of one of the many things you can do with plaster ~

another wood substrate, plastered, painted and sanded.   this doesn't have any finish on it, and i will likely keep working on it~

a few more images of the unpainted plaster book.  next step is to paint and embellish.  i will post more photos once i have added more to it. 

bookmaking is one of my favorite things…and when you add plaster to the mix, it just gets better !!
i can't wait to fill the pages with paintings and images i love~

so, this week i will turn 47 and will go on an awesome family vacation to oregon and washington~
i am so lucky that i get to hang out with my friend judy wise and paint with her and jenny wentworth.
speaking of judy, a great book to have on hand is Plaster Studio…i highly recommend it~
i will share some photos from our journey when we return…AND i am finally getting my honeybees!  i will start with two hives.  growing up, i was blessed to have papa emerson the beekeeper show me the beauty of bees.  i have had an appreciation since i was a young girl and love the idea of honoring him by keeping bees.  

happy april~

Monday, March 3, 2014

art……green cleaning….healthy living~


fun at wrightsville beach rocks ….accordion book workshop~
we had a great time making books and filling them with collage and art journaling techniques!
 thanks to everyone who came to the workshop. :)

playing around with different mandala designs.  i have loved drawing and coloring in mandalas for quite some time.  misty's full circle class has put a different spin on my mandala creativity! 
you can still join if you want to come along and play with us, and to be TOTALLY inspired in many ways :)  the class site stays up for a while, so come on!! 

journal pages from my altered book.  i used one of my mom's old books and love working in something everyday that i know she loved holding and reading.  she had a love for vintage books too!  

this is a handmade journal that i loved making and am filling with studies and practice drawings/paintings paying homage to picasso, matisse and van gogh. (respectively).
this has been a great way to learn more about the artists that i love and also work in  a way that i don't normally work.  misty has a way of encouraging us to stretch our wings ;)

every day i make art in some form.  art keeps me grounded, happy, balanced and fuels my soul.

NOW, about green cleaning, striving to reduce plastic in every way, and my AMAZING new oils that i am incorporating into my life in many ways!

i recently received my first order from DoTERRA oils.  i really cannot express in this little blog post how happy this makes me and how much i have already seen a difference in so many areas of my life.
my kit came with a diffuser and many other awesome products…..BUT what i really want to share with you is how the diffuser and a drop or two of lavender and serenity has changed my daughter's sleep pattern around!  she has had difficulty getting to sleep for quite a while.  i've tried other lavender oils and essential oil blends and haven't seen results, she has been mindful about turning off all electronics (mainly her phone) an hour before bed time, etc.  it wasn't until she started using the diffuser in her room every night with the DoTERRA oils that she started falling asleep better and sleeping through the night better.  TEENAGERS need their sleep!!  we are so happy now that she is sleeping better!! the diffuser is used downstairs during the day with whatever oil i feel is beneficial for us all to be taking in at the moment!  wild orange and on guard are two of my favorites! keeping the family healthy and happy :)  

there are so many ways to use these oils, i can't even explain it all here….but i will tell you that i had a hang nail (very sore) starting and put a drop of on guard and later a drop of oregano, and it was GONE the next day!!!  (true story).  i'm constantly amazed each time i use the oils and see the results so quickly.

you can make your own household cleaners using just a few INEXPENSIVE, toxic free products.

my husband made this pump lid for my mason jar….and i use my all purpose cleaner in it.
2 T white vinegar
1 tsp. borax
1/4 cup castille soap
10 drops lavender oil
1 tsp lemon juice
a few drops of melaleuca (tea tree oil)
a few drops of lemon or lemongrass oil 
put in a 1 quart container (glass jar is best :)
and fill to the top with hot water
use this as you would any all purpose cleaner.
it works great ~~~
(i have used other brands of oils for years….i see a big difference now that i am using the DoTERRA oils in my cleaning products)  all DoTERRA oils are scientifically tested and approved.  these oils are safe to ingest and that makes me so much more confident and happy to use them in cleaning supplies, on my skin and for my children and husband~ 

i used lindsey chinni's soft scrub recipe, added a few drops of purity
and cleaned my shower and sink in the bathroom….it works SO good!
AND i didn't feel like i was ruining my skin or inhaling toxic junk into my body!
check out lindsey's blog for some great ideas and cleaning recipes~ she also makes her
own liquid castille soap using a bar of "KIRK'S" castille bar soap and 10 cups of hot water.
just grate the soap, add the hot water and shake in the container to mix it all up.  use it as you
would store-bought liquid castille, but save LOTS OF $$$$.  :)
to make the soft scrub, use 1/2 baking soda and 1/8 cup homemade liquid castille…i added "purity' to mine, but you can add any oil that moves you! (lemon would be great….)
thanks lindsey for sharing your recipes at the DoTerra open house!!

i've been making my own laundry detergent for a while now. after playing around with it, i decided that (for me) it's best to make a really big batch.  i use my enamel bucket and pour in 
1 box borax
1 box arm and hammer laundry powder 
3 bars grated castille soap
i add a drop of DoTERRA lavender oil to the laundry during the rinse cycle ! (yum)

i use the KIRKS castille soap and can find it at the food lion for $3.65 per 3 bars.  
what a bargain! (thanks again to lindsey)!
you only need 1-2 tablespoons per load.  YES, it works great and YES it works in front loaders (thrown in with the laundry of course, NOT in the liquid tray)!!

please go to the DoTERRA BLOG if you would like to learn more about the oils and products and for some great recipes, articles and DIY's

when you would like to get started using DoTERRA oils for you or your family, please email me and i will help you get started.  i will share all that i know with you once we connect and you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle :)

happy march !  
i am getting my honeybees soon and will share my journey here on my blog!! 
BE happy,
BE kind,
BE mindful….

Monday, January 20, 2014

"sea-  vast. beauty. fragile.  and the moon-  so full.  love and light.
the stars-  i think of them as loved ones lost.  still shining for all to see.
trees- rooted.  flowing.  grounded.
sky-  abundance.  color.  hope.
here-  in the moment.  love.  gratitude.  clarity. 
and listening to it all."


art journal love.
"today was only love"

handmade portfolio for full circle workshop with misty.

 upcoming workshop at wrightsville beach rocks
february 1

 mandala….free hand and free flowing.  fun with misty mawn~
"coming full circle"

 another mandala in my art journal…
documenting the process.

this life is awesome~

stay tuned for more art with misty!